Types of Land Surveys That You Should Do in Thailand

Surveys should be done prior to commencement of any construction work. These surveys will determine the correct boundaries, total area and the type of soil you and the construction team will be dealing with.

Remember, you have to have the exact data first in order to build a structure that fits the contour and soil type of the area. Also, you need to have the land surveyed before the start of construction because you may be actually building beyond the boundaries and on someone else’s property.

Land Survey

Land surveys substantiate the exact boundaries of a land. The methods of doing have change over time and because of the introduction of new technology and systems, surveyors these days can arrive to a more precise survey result.

As a property owner, you need to know the exact boundaries of your land otherwise you may find yourself on a land dispute in the future. But, you are not supposed to be the one who will secure a land survey but the developer itself. You have to see to it that the contract you have executed with the construction company contains a provision that explicitly say the matters like a survey are the responsibility of the company. Moreover, the agreement must also include the responsibility of the company to ensure that the construction is being done in line with building regulations.

Yet, it is also your responsibility to demand for a verified survey result because building on a wrong property can always be possible.

Topographical Survey

A topographical survey details the overall outline of the land quite accurately. This is a highly detailed survey as it gathers data in relation to the natural and manmade contours of the land. Topographical surveys also include the elevation of the land. Basing on the data, the surveyor can then derive a three dimensional representation of the surveyed area.

This type of survey is essential to the architect’s drawing board. He can make cost estimates that are closer to the actual cost basing on how he sees the detailed maps provided to him by the topographical survey. This type of survey also allows him to make building designs that are more appropriate to the type of contour the land has thereby potentially saving a lot of money on renovations in case of a construction error.

Soil Survey

Soil surveys are especially important when the designs of the foundations of the building are put into the limelight. Soil is not only composed of what your eyes can see. Underneath the topsoil may be clay, certain types of rocks or a few more meters below ground may be water. Soil surveys are essential for proper designs to be implemented on specific soil types.

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