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Property Protection in Thailand

There are a number of issues with regards to property in Thailand that you need to understand when it comes to control of the property and the condo block where it is located. The following things you need to know about your property:

  1. When the condo units are complete the developer must appoint a company to manage the common areas of the property such as the hallways, parking lots, elevators etc.;

  2. The company is own and also controlled by the owners of the units. Each year a meeting must be held to account for income and expenses;

  3. Any unsold units the developer must pay the monthly fees for maintenance of those units until they are sold.

  4. Ensure that all the brochures, pictures, letters, emails are attached to your contract agreement so as to add it to the contract in the event of a dispute.

  5. Thailand now has a consumer protection court, which is free and is there to protect the rights and also the obligations of the buyer.

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